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Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is Monopoly: The World Edition online, which you can play for free at Pogo has many other games and even a paid section of the site associated with prizes. However, today only Monopoly is featured. Its a game that is beloved by many and equally rejected by others. I know within my own family, its difficult to get them to sit down and play the same game we played as kids because it takes a while to finish and we’ve been introduced to other games which have become the new favorites. For those who love to play Monopoly but can’t find anyone in their playing circles with whom to play offline, the World Edition online is a perfect solution. You can play against others online or against three computer players. Since the computer automatically deals the money, rolls the dice and performs all functions at the click of a button, the game moves along rather quickly. Also the game only has 32 turns to roll the dice and if two of the players go bankrupt then they end the game and count the total value of each player to declare the winner. All of these factors assures that the game only takes about 15-25 minutes to complete.

In order to play, you must register for a free account at Also the game is supported by ads. About every 5-10 turns the game cuts to a video break.

Monopoly Screenshot

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