About Actually Free

Actually Free is a unique freebies site. It offers the best information online that teaches visitors how to get freebies. It also offers directories and links to freebies that can be found off- and online. Unlike other free sites, Actually Free makes a clear distinction between tangible freebies and web freebies, or between freebies that may actually alleviate costs on a budget and other freebies that are simply found online. Find out why the site makes this distinction.


ActuallyFree.info began in 2008 as a simple article that was written in response to a question found on Yahoo! Answers. An individual asked if there was a website where he could go where he could get something for free without participating in free trials or referring friends. See Get a Free Gadget for more details on this type of offer. One of the responses was that there is no such thing as a website that you could go to where strangers will give you items for free. In the context of brand new electronic gadgets, this response was correct. However the statement itself is false since complete strangers give away their used items on Craigslist all the time. This question on Yahoo! Answers, and the response, both lead to thinking about other ways of getting freebies. A paragraph became a page and a page became multiple pages. And as research continues, pages are added.

Goals and Organization of the Site

The first goal of this site is to help individuals reduce expenses on their budget by getting freebies and free services. The section titled “Tangible Freebies” accomplishes this goal by including how-to articles which describe strategies for getting freebies. It also includes directories of resources for getting free stuff. Most of the information in this section involves getting freebies that are tangible, such as free samples. However, a few non-tangible freebies, such as Free Energy and Free Entertainment, were also included since this information can help to alleviate costs on a budget.

The second goal of this site is to create a directory of the best freebies, downloads and services offered on the world wide web. These are included under the section titled “The Best Freebies of the Web.” A wide range of freebies are provided from free movies and music, free email, free online applications, to downloads and pretty much anything that can be delivered electronically.

As an added bonus to these two goals, there is also a section titled “Actually Freebies” which includes freebies and free services offered directly from Actually Free. These include advanced tips for getting freebies, free web content for webmasters, and more. Perhaps some of the most useful free services are the Freebie Finding Help service and Actually Free Experiments. The Freebie Finding Help service offers personal assistance in finding specific freebies. The goal of Actually Free Experiments is to provided a non-biased third-party review of any claim to freebies. People who are unsure about certain freebies can submit them for review and see the report once the freebie has been human-tested on a computer dedicated for these experiments.

Safe & Reliable Information

To the best of the author’s ability, the information provided on this site is safe and reliable. Resources listed on this site, including third-party links (which are not advertisements), have to meet the following criteria in order to be listed on this site:

  • They offer a freebie that is actually free (meaning there is no monetary requirement for obtaining the freebie)
  • They are personally tried and tested by the author OR they are clearly labeled as not tested.
  • They have a good report with McAfee’s Site Advisor and/or Norton Safe Web.
  • They must be legal
  • They must be family-friendly.


Resources listed in Actually Free directories will often follow this format:

Resource or Freebie title and link – description of the freebie

  • Green report with Site Advisor (active link)
  • Green report with Norton Safe Web (active link)
  • Tested (or Not Tested) by Actually Free (active link if there a review or report in Actually Free Experiments)
  • Other possible recognition that the site has obtained, such as awards (possibly an active link to verify its recognition)

McAfee Site Advisor and Norton Safe Web are both free services which crawl websites on the internet and test them for computer safety. You may recognize their names since they are the leading producers of anti-virus and web safety software. They both have a similar rating system: green means “go ahead, the site is safe.” Yellow means be cautious of the site and think twice before providing an email address or any personal information. Red means stay away from the site. Gray means the site has not been tested by the service. When Actually Free states that a website has a green report with either service, this means that it was green when the resource was added to the directory. If the report changes it may not be reflected on Actually Free. Sometimes Site Advisor contradicts Safe Web. If a red report is given with either service, then the site is not included on Actually Free.

When a site is “tested” by Actually Free, that also means that there was no evidence of behavior that may be harmful to a personal computer and that the freebie or free service lived up to its claim at the time it was tested; this is a human test performed with a computer that is dedicated for the test. Notwithstanding the fact that the author does his best, there is still a chance that a resource listed is not reliable. No one is perfect. That’s why site users are invited to report what they know so that the site can be updated for the benefit of all who visit. Site users are also encouraged to educate themselves on safe web practices which are described at many of the sites that are listed under Avoid Scams.


Since this site was not created to sell a specific product, the author is free to present the information honestly. There is no resource included that the author would not share with his family or that is not clearly labeled with warnings. As an example of the kind of truth that Actually Free provides, the non-related topic of dieting is used here as a demonstration:

What other sites will tell you:

“Celebrities lost 50 lbs in a week with acai berry diets”

What Actually Free will tell you:

“Celebrities loose weight with acai berries, and you can too, by limiting your calories, daily exercise, and by following the guidance of professional trainers and nutritionists. You’ll loose weight but you won’t necessarily look like a barbie doll or Arnold Swarzenagger (in his prime). More than anything, this is a matter of life-style, not getting something quick. You could consider options like cosmetic surgery, but that won’t necessarily make you happy or healthy.”

In the spirit of honesty, it should be mentioned that this site has advertisements, usually at the top and bottom of each page or a graphic wrapped within the text of the page. The links and content in these advertisements have not been tested by the author and are usually not controlled by the author. Some advertisements are affiliate links, meaning the author receives a commission if items are purchased through those links. Advertising helps to support the site and keep it free. Another reason the ads are present is to show that it is possible to get free money from a website. Clicking on ads or making purchases through affiliate programs are not required to use this site. The resources and information on this site are, and always will be provided free of charge.

Actually Free is committed to providing free, family-friendly, and legal content. For more information regarding this site, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).