Web Freebie Wednesday

Cyber Monday Freebies 2016

Bass Pro Shops (pg 26 and 27 of their Black Friday ad)

  • Free photo with santa through December 24
  • Free Games and Activities for Kids Wednesday to Sunday
  • Free crafts 7 days a week through December 24


Fry’s Electronics Weekly and Promo Code Emails 11/27 to 12/3

  • $20,000 Giveaway, www.frys.com/contest
  • McAfee AntiVirus 2017, Free after MIR and promo code
  • McAfee Total Protection 2017, Free after MIR and promo code
  • AVG Internet Security 2017, Free after MIR and promo code
  • ProHT 6ft Cable w/Ethernet, Free after MIR and promo code
  • Acronis Disk Director 12, Free after MIR and promo code
  • Norton Security Deluxe + Utilities Bundle, Free after MIR and promo code


Not free, but deals under $1 from Fry’s:

  • iPad Case for iPad 2, 3, 4, 60 cents with promo code
  • Charge/Sync Micro USB Cable, 69 cents
  • PayDoh Single Can, 50 cents with promo code
  • Full size candy bars, 33 cents each with promo code, Snickers, Reese’s, Almond Joy, limit 3 each




Micro Center (pg 49 of their catalog)

  • System Suite 12 Professional, Free after $20 and $30 MIR
  • Perfect Image Professional, Free after $40 MIR


Free T-Shirt from Thit, fill out the form to get a free T-Shirt

Coupon Mom, join the website and email list to get freebies with coupons (beware, Coupon Mom often considers rewards programs as “free” when they’re not actually free, although they’re often good deals)

Free Noosa Yogurt (“for your friend”)

Free Sample of Liv Relief, fill out the form to get the sample, good stocking stuffer for athletic types.

Free $5 Target Gift card for getting your flu shot at CVS Pharmacy, click to read details


Digital Freebies (Music, Ebooks, Software, anything you can download)

MacX Video Converter Pro, Free Holiday Download

Rapid Prototyping for Entrepreneurs| Build a Demo in 2 hours, Free Udemy Online Course

Relapse Records Fall 2016 Sampler, Free music on Google Play

Free Christmas Family Activities

During this Christmas season there are a few activities in which you and your family can participate for free:

Visit the Christmas light displays at a Mormon temple (for visitors and residents in the Salt Lake City, UT area or Mesa, AZ area). While these light displays are on Mormon temple grounds, the majority of these light displays and choir events are non-denominational. In fact, there are often choirs singing from congregations of various faiths. The number of lights range in the tens to hundreds of thousands. There are also nativity scenes and presentations inside the visitor’s centers.

There are likely many local Churches that are offering events during the Christmas season, including dinners and concerts. One of my particular favorites is a Handel’s Messiah sing-along.

Go on a Christmas light tour around your city. There are many home owners who create some spectacular light displays during the Christmas season. Some with tens of thousands of lights that flash and dance to music. Try finding a map of all the light displays in your area by going to a website for a local newspaper or news TV station. Here is one that I found for the Phoenix, AZ area where I live.

Find free things to do at the About.com website for your specific city. About.com has multiple pages on various topics which are maintained by individual guides. The specific website for your city is probably maintained by a guide who lives nearby and finds just such activities for the holiday season in your area. Here is the one for Phoenix as an example.

Volunteer at a local food bank or charity. The holiday season is a great time of year to offer service to those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It’s nice to receive gifts, but a family can learn the true meaning of Christmas by serving together. There is no better way to honor the Individual whose birth we are celebrating. And it’s something you can do at absolutely no charge.

Free Christmas activities, arts & crafts and photos with Santa at Bass Pro Shops. Bass Pro Shops announced in their Black Friday ad that they’d have these free events up until December 24th.

Free Activities Online:

Send funny digital Christmas card to your friends and family with Elf Yourself. You can upload your own faces into the card.

If Elf Yourself wasn’t enough, then you can try other free options at Jib Jab or StoryBots. Jib Jab is a little more for adults than kids.

Try finding some funny Christmas videos on YouTube. Here are a couple that I know from previous years: Trigger Happy TV Chimney Sweep, Trigger Happy TV Snowman, and Bohemian Rhapsody Christmas.

Find Christmas specials and other holiday videos that you can watch for free on Hulu for the Holidays.

There are probably limitless Christmas activities you can find online. These are simply some of the very entertaining ones that I’ve seen before.

Have a merry Christmas filled with joy and free activities.

Web Freebie Wednesday: Free Christmas Music

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is free Christmas music downloads from Amazon.com. If you’re already getting tired of the same redundant Christmas music on the radio, there’s a solution that won’t cost you a penny. Here is a list of Christmas music which you can download for free:

Not Actually Free, but still a good deal at 99 cents: Big Christmas Box (280 songs/tracts)

Other free music from Amazon: Free Songs and Special Deals, Free Music from Rising Artists, Top Free Songs, Top Free Albums.

Web Freebie Wednesday: Free Recipes for Thanksgiving

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving which means it’s a big day for cooking. So today’s web freebie is this list of some of the best recipe websites on the web:


Since resources like these are available online, there’s really no reason why anyone would have to pay for a cookbook ever again. There’s virtually an unlimited library of recipes– more than anyone could ever hope to cook in a lifetime. And access to these recipes is free. (However, if you happen to want a cookbook in print, Costco is giving one away for free on Black Friday. See yesterday’s post titled Black Friday Freebies Preview, which has been updated today with even more freebies).

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Web Freebie Wednesday: Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Web Freebie Wednesday: Free Data Plans

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is free data plans. Some might argue that freebies offered through the internet aren’t actually free since most people have to pay for an internet connection. However, a new start up company called Freedom Pop is offering a free wireless internet option for mobile devices with a business plan similar to Skype. This “freemium” service offers 500 MB of data free per month. Over the long term they expect to take a significant portion of the market pie from AT&T and Verizon. In the short term they hope that new customers would use Freedom Pop in addition their current provider, since Freedom Pop is free. Of course, since you have free internet, you could also make free phone calls through Skype and use free texting services that are offered online. This wouldn’t change the cost for the person receiving the calls or texts. As a freemium service only the basic package is free and they offer upgrades for monthly fees. The upgrades are more suitable if you want to be able to stream music or watch YouTube Videos. If you select the free package and go over 500 MB then every extra MB is an extra 2 cents. Also the device used to create the hotspot requires a security deposit. Coverage is very limited since they are just starting. More information is available on The Daily Ticker by Yahoo! and FreedomPop.com.

Web Freebie Wednesday: Hotscripts

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog post featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is HotScripts.com. Hot Scripts has one of the best collections online of scripts, HTML and other coding for website developers and designers. Website builders can add some fantastic functions to their webpages and many of the scripts are completely free. Hot Scripts provides a community where web developers can benefit from the work of each other. If a web developer has created a script that he or she wants to share, it can be added to Hot Scripts for other developers to find. The developers submitting their scripts get exposure to more of their products and the developers using the scripts save time and money. There are also many other resources besides the scripts themselves, including tutorials, books, and other resources.


Play Monopoly Online Free

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is Monopoly: The World Edition online, which you can play for free at Pogo.com. Pogo has many other games and even a paid section of the site associated with prizes. However, today only Monopoly is featured. Its a game that is beloved by many and equally rejected by others. I know within my own family, its difficult to get them to sit down and play the same game we played as kids because it takes a while to finish and we’ve been introduced to other games which have become the new favorites. For those who love to play Monopoly but can’t find anyone in their playing circles with whom to play offline, the World Edition online is a perfect solution. You can play against others online or against three computer players. Since the computer automatically deals the money, rolls the dice and performs all functions at the click of a button, the game moves along rather quickly. Also the game only has 32 turns to roll the dice and if two of the players go bankrupt then they end the game and count the total value of each player to declare the winner. All of these factors assures that the game only takes about 15-25 minutes to complete.

In order to play, you must register for a free account at Pogo.com. Also the game is supported by ads. About every 5-10 turns the game cuts to a video break.

Monopoly Screenshot

Web Freebie Wednesday: Free Kindle Books

Welcome to Web Freebie Wednesday, the mid-week blog event featuring some of the best freebies of the web. Some of the most common freebies online are free ebooks. There are tons of ebooks that are available in different formats and for different devices. Among these different resources, Kindle books have one of the nicest methods of delivery and a very clean interface for reading electronic books. Also many of the books have been published by professional publishers, not just by independent authors.

You do NOT need a Kindle from Amazon to enjoy Kindle books (although many people like their Kindle, so its something to consider). Kindle books can be read on any device (home computer, smart phone, tablet, etc) by downloading Kindle reader, which is free.

Once you’ve downloaded Kindle reader, or the appropriate Kindle app for your smart phone, you can find free Kindle books by going to Amazon.com and searching for free kindle books OR you can go to the kindle books category and the top 100 best sellers, both paid and free, will be listed on the right side bar.

There are also a number of websites online that have direct feeds of free Kindle books. One example is HundredZeros.com.

New books become free on a regular basis. I check on a weekly basis and always end up finding more new free books than I could read in a week.

kindle ebooks

Web Freebie Wednesday: WordPress

Welcome to the midweek blog event featuring one of the best freebies of the web. Today’s freebie is WordPress.com. WordPress is traditionally known as a blogging resource, however it has evolved into what has been called a “complete content manager,” meaning complete websites can be created. If you want a sample of it, just stay put and look around this site. Actually Free is built using WordPress. WordPress.com offers free blog and website hosting with a free subdomain name (yourname.wordpress.com). If you want more options to monetize the site and optimize it for search engines then you may want to consider paid hosting and a domain name. However there are many options available when using the free service. There are ways to make money with a blog that don’t include advertising platforms such as Google’s Adsense and there are ways of building traffic without being ranked at the top of search engines (although those are the best ways when your starting). If anything, WordPress.com is an excellent free resource for learning how to use WordPress before getting paid hosting.

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