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Why is Actually Free organized with categories such as “Tangible Freebies,” “Web Freebies,” and “Actually Freebies”?

From the author:

I’ve visited a lot of free sites, and frankly I never really appreciate it when I see tons of links to ebooks, invitations to seminars, free handouts that are just advertisements and maybe a couple of free samples. So I when started creating content for this site, I decided it was going to be different. The purpose of this site is not just to get freebies, but to get freebies that can help to alleviate costs on a budget. And while some freebies online (even free ebook downloads) can have a monetary value, there’s a different thrill involved when getting something in the mail, or legally leaving an establishment with food and merchandise without paying a dime. That’s why this site is structured to make a clear distinction between freebies you can touch and freebies that are only available online.

If you’re looking for freebies that you can touch, see the articles and directories listed under Tangible Freebies. Some services and other freebies are included in this section which are admittedly not tangible, such as Free Energy; however they were included because they still help alleviate costs on a budget.

If you’re looking for free software, free games, free downloads, movies, email, and other free services which are available online, then visit the Web Freebies page.

As an added bonus, there is an additional section of the site which is filled with freebies that can be accessed directly from this site. These include free downloads, coupons, free samples, free web content for webmasters, a service offering personalized help to find freebies and much more. Visit the Actually Freebies page to see all that is available directly from Actually Free.

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