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The Actually Free Blog has a number of frequent events. These events don’t happen every single week, but they do happen often so make sure to come back regularly to check out what’s new.

Free Movie Monday – Using the directory of Free Movies, TV and Videos as a resource, free movies are selected and posted on the blog for the viewing pleasure of all who visit this site. While this site makes a valiant effort to only include content that is family friendly, there may be something that offends somebody (its hard to please everybody). Family friendly content warnings are included in each post. All posts and content embedded in this site respect copyright laws.

Free Contest Tuesday – Contests with prizes will be held on the blog from time to time. The skills required and prizes offered will vary. They will usually last from 1-4 weeks with the winners also announced on Tuesdays. Do you know the difference between Sweepstakes and Contests?

Web Freebie Wednesday – This is the mid-week event featuring the best freebies of the web. These freebies include free downloads and free services online.

Super Coupon Thursday – Actually Free has access to multiple coupon providers which are listed in the Coupon Directory and Actually Free Coupons. While many of the coupons that they provide can be downloaded and printed from this site and their sites, they also provide many other coupons that are meant to be shared through blog posts. Coupons are an excellent way to get freebies and they’re practically free money.

Free Stuff Friday – This is the end-week event featuring tangible freebies that are actually free. These may include free samples, birthday freebies, products that are free after rebate, coupons that are good for freebies (coupons which cover the complete cost of the item), free giveaways a local retailers, government freebies, and freebies covered under any topic listed on the Tangible Freebies page. This follows the same structure of the rest of the site where there is a clear distinction between freebies that you can touch and web freebies. Read why this site makes that distinction.

Free Sample Saturday – As a bonus to finish off the week, a free sample, or two or many, may be listed on Saturdays in addition to the ones already listed for the Friday event.

Freebie Finding Help – Visitors of the site are welcome seek help from the author for finding specific freebies. Read the details of this service. The author’s replies to these requests are often posted on the blog so that all who visit the site may benefit from the same information.

Seasonal Freebies and Special Events – Some freebies are seasonal, meaning they are offered at specific times during the year in association with a holiday or season. A couple of examples are Free Comic Book Day the first Saturday in May or freebies related to Earth Day. Other freebies might be given away on the anniversary of a company, grand openings or other special events.

Actually Free Announcements and Updates – These posts are not to be confused with Actually Free News, which is not news about Actually Free but an aggregation of all news resources into one place to find news for free.

Of course the posts on the Actually Free blog are not limited to the events described above. These events were simply created to guarantee increased frequency of blog posts in order to be of better service to those who visit this site. Other info will be posted as it comes along so come back frequently.

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