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Actually Free is a unique freebies site. While other free sites only list external resources for freebies, this site also provides a number of freebies and free services directly.

♦Freebie Finding Help: Frequent requests for freebies from website visitors are simply part of the territory of a free site. Website visitors are welcome to request personalized help to find specific freebies. Read on for more details of what this service actually offers.

♦Actually Free Experiments: A lot of freebies online are dangerous! Actually Free will human-test any website with a claim for freebies. Website visitors are welcome to submit websites and other freebie resources to see if they are worthy of the Actually Free Seal.

♦Freebie Search Engine: Harnessing the power of Google, this freebie search engine searches all of the best free sites online, covering freebies in every topic listed on the Tangible Freebies and Web Freebies pages. This freebie search engine is comparable with any other freebie search engine online, including those which have no other content but the search engine itself.

Actually Free Coupons: Beyond the Coupon Articles and Coupon Directory already provided on this site, website visitors can clip and print coupons directly from Actually Free, or download the coupons directly to membership cards and cell phones. Coupons are automatically updated so come back to this page often to get new coupons.

Actually Free Samples: Beyond the Free Sample Articles and Free Samples Directory already provided on this site, website visitors can find free sample feeds here which are updated automatically. Come back often to see the new free samples.

♦Actually Free Magazines: Get free subscriptions to magazines and trade journals and have them mailed to your home.

♦Actually Free Videos: This collection of how-to videos from various authors and resources was compiled to further educate website visitors on how to get freebies. All topics on the Tangible Freebies and Web Freebies pages are covered.

♦Actually Free Articles: These supplemental articles give more tips and advanced tips for finding freebies. They can also be used as free content anywhere off- and online, including websites, blogs, books and other media as long as the user follows the license at the footer of each article.

♦Actually Free Book Reviews: Find reviews on all the books about freebies.

♦Actually Free TV: Get free, live, streaming TV on your PC. Downloads and memberships are not required. Enjoy hours of free entertainment, movies, news, sports, education and more.

♦Actually Free Movies: Get free admission to this virtual online movie theater. Sit back, relax and watch tons of classic and modern movies from the comfort of your home.

♦Actually Free Movie Trailers: Dyin’ to see clips of upcoming movies and video games? Find all the previews here.

♦Actually Free Music: Find free music here that you can listen to online or download to your computer and other devices.

♦Actually Free Software: Find tools and applications that you can access on this site or download.

♦Actually Free Video Games: Play these games for free and don’t worry about having to feed the machine.

♦Actually Free Hobbies & Games: Download ebooks, patterns, rules and outlines for tons of games and hobbies.

♦Actually Free Ebooks: Find classic public domain books, Actually Free originals and submitted ebooks from independent authors. Download them for free and redistribute them freely.

♦Actually Free Images: Images in this growing collection are either in the public domain or give a free use license. Visit this page to enjoy the beauty and creativity of these images or go a step further and use them in your own projects free and royalty-free.

♦Actually Free Finance Kit: Part of the purpose of this site is to help reduce costs on a budget. This kit provides the tools and instructions for beginning or continuing the greatest financial habit there is- keeping a budget.

♦Freebies for Webmasters: The freebies on this page, provided by Actually Free, are especially for webmasters. If you own a website or blog check out what Actually Free has to offer.

♦Actually Free Awards: If your website or organization offers anything for free, please apply for an award so that your freebie can be stamped with the Actually Free Seal of approval, verifying that your freebie is actually free. Award winners are listed on this page to verify to your clients and visitors that your freebie has been human tested by an independent third-party.

♦Free Business Solutions: See how Actually Free can help your business. All of these business resources are free and many are comparable to versions online which charge for access.

♦Free Wholesale & Dropship Directory: This is one of the free business solutions provided. This directory is comparable with any paid resource online and its free.

♦Freelance and Work at Home Directory: This is another business solution provided by Actually Free and it was created as a resource to help individuals make money online.

♦Actually Free News: A collection of news resources from all over the world. Get today’s headlines, scores, markets and other news!

♦Actually Free Reference: Find a free dictionary, language translation, thesaurus and word games.

♦Actually Free Health Tools: Use these free tools to monitor and maximize your health

♦Actually Free Exercises: This full library of books and videos which will show you exercises that you can do for free. Don’t pay the gym, pay yourself.

♦Other Actually Free Sites: Find the Actually Free facebook page, twitter, wiki and other resources branded by Actually Free.

♦Avoid Scams & Safety Resources: Sadly, scams are abundant on the internet, especially when searching for freebies. Use these resources to educate and protect yourself, your computer and your identity.

If there is any other information you need about freebies or about this site, feel free to use the contact form or see the FAQ.

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